Let's Play Piano

Musical Wiz Kids

I teach Musical Wiz Kids both in my home studio and at Kids Come First Child Care Centre (clicking the link opens a new tab). This program incorporates African drumming, keyboard, singing and movement into half hour lessons in small groups or individual private lessons.  With this variety of activities children are able to develop coordination, concentration and confidence while learning music and having fun.

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Piano Wizard

I teach keyboard with a computer game called Piano Wizard.  


African Drums

Give a child a drum and you have instant happiness.  That is why I use African drums in my Wiz Kids lessons.  We practice listening skills with copycat rhythms and keeping a steady beat.  We also learn different kinds of beats. Using the drums makes this successful and fun.

Singing and movement are important components of the lessons.  Through singing and movement important musical concepts are introduced in a way that is easy for children to understand. 

I have been teaching piano for 25 years and am thrilled to be able to offer lessons to children with special needs.  Not only do these children have a love of music, music allows them to express themselves. 

Visit my blog at www.letsplaypiano.blogspot.com and follow the link in the top right hand corner to get a sample how the game works.  Or contact me to set up an appointment to learn more about Musical Wiz Kids

Musical Wiz Kids