Let's Play Piano

Performance Parties

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At my studio I host Performance Parties for my students. They are for students only; I have a recital at the end of the year for parents, family and friends. 

Performance parties are an opportunity for students to perform in a friendly, supportive and positive environment.  Each student plays a song on the piano that he/she has prepared for the event. 

Then we do some jamming with djembes, rhythm instruments and the piano gets involved too.  This part of the party is improvised.  No one has planned for it , except me.  Often it is the favourite part of the evening for the students. 

The the party is topped off with treats to eat, after all, what's a party without food?

Here is just some of the feedback I've gotten from students who attend the parties:

"I like having a chance to play different instruments."
"I like being with other kids who play piano."
"I like hearing other kids play the piano."
"I like playing instruments I've never played before."
"I like the food you have for us."
"It is a lot of fun being with other kids who like music too."

I am lucky I have parents who appreciate these evenings and see the advantages their children get from participating in them.