Let's Play Piano

About Nancy

Nancy King at the pianoOver the last 25 years, Nancy King has taught hundreds of people of all ages and abilities to play the piano, and enjoy it! She began learning piano as a 6-year-old child, and played into her teens. And then she took a long break and travelled the world.

Nancy earned her B.A. at York University. Along with her studies in world music and anthropology, Nancy studied Tablas with a master drummer from South India. It was during this period that she returned to the piano - after a ten-year hiatus, she found she was missing it.

Following her discovery of a wonderful teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Nancy's passion for the piano was rekindled. She subsequently earned an A.R.C.T. (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto teaching certificate) from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

In Nancy’s words, “This teacher changed my life and here I am, hundreds of student later, sharing my passion for playing piano with you.”

When she moved to Guelph, Nancy opened a private studio in her home. She introduced Music for Young Children to Guelph and has taught over 700 students in that program alone.

Recently, Nancy returned to teaching private piano lessons in her home studio. While she can prepare students for theory and piano exams, what Nancy loves most is teaching people the love of playing piano and the music they play.

“I am so lucky to be in the music field because I soon realized that I can never know everything. I am constantly learning and growing in my knowledge and striving to be a better teacher and musician.”

“Currently, I am researching ways to have a healthy brain. And guess what? Learning the piano is at the top of the list for keeping your brain healthy at any age.” 

“We often think that only children can learn piano, but that's not true. You can learn piano at any age. It helps both the young brain and the mature brain be healthier and delays the effects of aging such as AD and memory loss.”

So Let’s Play Piano! Let's celebrate our creativity and put pizzazz in our lives with beautiful music.

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